Sunday, February 19, 2012

The side effect of ARV

After a week or two of doing the baseline tests, and thank God they are all negative. The doctor was then ready to give me my very first ARV. Plus the cotrimoxazol that is an anti bacteria capsule that can fight bacteria that coming into my body since my cd4 is very low. The capsule is too big, every time i try to drink it, im about to blow.

The cocktail that doctor was gave me were lamivi/zidovi+nevirapine. All these type of ARV has a sudden side effect depends on the reaction of the body. They are strong kind of ARV that strictly take on time and on scheduled. She explained that Lamivi/zidovi may cause anemia, or lowering of the red blood cells and/or hemoglobin. And the nevirapine is very high allergen medicine. She strictly inform me that i need to monitor my conditions from time to time. Since i was then on a trial period they gave just a 2 bottle for the two types of capsule good for 2 weeks, and will take once a day, if after two weeks nothing harm was happened another two weeks and additional 2 capsule at night.

The first day that i took arv, i got nausea, and i vomit the night 30 minutes after i took the med, i got panic cause i don't know if ill have to take again or if its enough, because they say that capsule or tablet medicine dissolve in stomach and absorb by body for the minimum of 3 hours, meaning the tablet that i just took was now on my vomit product, so i have to take another one just to make sure. 
I have my Thermometer wherever ill go and every after 30 minutes im checking up my body temperature as connotes that will ever i feel hot, ill have to run to the hospital, for first week my highest temperature that i got was then 36.9, and that was just one time. The rest were playing around 34-36.0 degree Celsius. I don't have any rushes and body aching. The only worst side effect that i felt that time was the nausea. I hate the feeling especially when im vomiting, all of the food that i ate that day will be thrown away. 
The next 2 weeks nothing serious side effect was took place. And my nausea was gone. I feel good and great. My nausea last for a week. And they took another sgot and sgpt for my liver. Because it its needed to find out if theres no harm effect on my liver because they just found out that ARV can increase to the damage of the liver. As i got my sgpt and sgot, they advice that i need to take the two capsule twice a day.since my hemoglobin is still high.

"Blessed is the man that walketh not in the counsel of the wicked, Nor sitteth in the way of sinners, Nor sitteth in the seat of scoffers." 

                                                                                                      --Psalms 1:1 (ASV)

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