Tuesday, February 14, 2012

My CD4 count and Viral Load.

After a week of waiting. Ayun nakuha kona ang viral load ko. And its quite worrying kasi nasa 600,000 ang viral load ko which is very bad. The next step is to know about my cd4 count, anyway, lets define viral load first.

What is viral load?
VIRAL LOAD is a blood test that measures the amount of active HIV in your blood. The higher the value of viral load test, the more active HIV is present. The quantitative HIV viral load ranges from 400 - 750,000 copies.

Scary no? Eh ung sakin 600,000 na, 150k nalang pwede nako mag bingo.

Then i got my cd4 panel result sa SACCL. The result is 69 :(
Anyway what is CD4 muna? And bakit eto important?

Cd4 cells - these cells have molecules called cd4 on its surface. These "helper" cells initiate the body's response to infections.
Normal values of cd4 cells ranges from 600- 1200 cells per cubic millimeter of blood. Less than 200 the immune system is severely weakened and the Hiv+ person is at much greater risk of opportunistic infection.
200-500 treatment is recommended.

So imagine? Cd4 cells ko 69 lang? So i got worried when i saw the result at dali dali ko pinuntahan doctor ko sa makatimed. And shocked din sya ng makita nya. And she said "this is impossible, your too young, and wala ka namang signs of opportunistic infection."
If doctor was shocked, what more about me? Haha ni hindi ako nagkasakit o simpleng sipon. So nakita din ni doc ung cbc ko. And they are all abnormal. Sabi nya pang chronic disease na tong result na to. At di daw sya naniniwala para makasiguro nag CBC ako sa makatimed at mismong araw na un nakuha ko result. And they are all normal, so baka ang cd4 ko mali din.

So she recommend na magpa cd4 panel ulit ako kasi sa iba na, so she recommend NKTI sa may kamuning they offer it much cheaper than MMC and st. Lukes. So aun nagpacd4 ako. After 2 days they emailed us the resukt, and it was 184.
But atleast nasa 3digits pa sya hehe. Then start nako rinesetahan ng ARV ni doc.

"God is our refuge and strength, always ready to help in times of trouble." 

                                                           --Psalm 46:1

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