Saturday, February 11, 2012

My first Treatment Hub

After i talked to my sister, who will take care all of my hospital finances she asked me to go to St. Lukes Medical Center. Together with my mama and with my kuya. To ask for a second opinion if its true. But unfortunately no doctor specializing in infectious disease were on duty that time. On the same date we go to Makati Medical Center, and then i met Dra. T. Gler, specializing in infectious diseases. After i talked to her, i feel relieved. I got all the things that i need to know, shes so kind, and i feel very private when im at her clinic. So she explained to me everything, yes, everything. Then every other day i got to visit her clinic for a blood test. Another hIV screening. And a viral load panel. Then i have to wait for another two weeks for confirmatory result of my screening.

After two weeks i got my confirmatory. And boom! Positive. Got same result im not surprised anymore. Then she started my baseline tests. Such as viral load, cd4 panel and others.

Since MMC's cd4 panel is expensive she asked me to do it at NKTI in Quezon City. I contacted NKTI and they are expensive too. Someone suggested that San Lazaro Hospital offers it low because they are under DOH. At all risk. I went to SLH alone. And yes they are chip compare to the 2 hospitals. Ive seen other carrier at that time. I got scared because some if them were so sick. Since sabi ni Dra. Gler im probe to viruses and other complication natakot ako, baka mahawa ako sa mga malala nang may sakit. Ang tagal kong hinantay ang turn ko to extract my blood. There are so many patients kasi.

Then after 2 days i got all the baseline and cd4.

"O my people, trust in HIM at all times. Pour your heart to HIM for God is our refuge."

                                                                                                                --Psalm 62:8

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