Saturday, February 11, 2012

My life before and during!

Im Light, i was then 20 years old. Living normal with a good family background and surrounded by true friends. I was 20 when i was still clean blooded individual.

Iam self entrepreneur. I did not yet practice my profession as International Hospitality Management graduate. I was graduated in one of the premiere hospitality school in the Philippines

Honestly, im not active in sex. My sex life is so boring. I have my gf but we do not do sex. I just done it once with someone i really dont know when i broke up my gf. so i knew who was the one who infected me.

April 2011 i got my degree. I flew to singapore to push my luck, i applied several jobs even though i am a fresh graduate and has no chance to land a job in SG, i gave it a try. I applied to the most prestigious hotel located in SG. With a backer's help im in. So next problem was the MoM (Ministry of Manpower) if i can have my Spass (a permit whether i can work in SG) i waited for my pass to be approved for 3 months in that 3 months, we go traveling in neighboring country (south east asia) My life then was so perfect. Every week we go shopped and theater, for 3 months while waiting for my pass i lived like a rich boy.

3 months of waiting was finally over after conducting several exams and testing and so on so fort, my spass was approved. So the hotel gave me an instruction that i should be back to Philippines to have my POEA etc. so i flew back with the good news to my family who was always counting for my financial help.

I process my poea but one requirements is to have a medical exam. So i made it, i got examined and the worse. I am an HIV carrier :(

My world crashed. All my impossible dreams which were reachable were gone. I waited for the confirmatory for 2 weeks. Within that 2 weeks i never fail to pray, to ask one more chance and to let me work in SG for my family.

2 weeks was over, and yes it was my 21st Bday then. And exactly on that date i got my gift from God. I grieved cried and everything. I had even suicidal thought. On that day when i got my confirmatory, i told to my mom and the next morning to the whole family..
They did not forsaken me. They handed me a hand and letting me know that they are with me in this battle. I feel relieved. And thankful to God they accepted me and willing to take care of me.

"Thank you for making me so wonderfully complex! Your workmanship is marvelous---and how well i know it."

                                                                                                            ---Psalm 139:14