Sunday, February 12, 2012

Iphone Apps's a big Help.

One way thing that i can get info about hiv is through my phone. Its easy and convenient and i dont have to spent so much reading on the net because they are already customized and summarized. I downloaded all the apps that is related to aids and HIV and other apps that is healthfully advisers.

At this time of my battle, ill have to take care of myself and everything. I should be very healthy and avoid those things that compromised my health and caused of lowering cd4 count.

One of the first apps that i downloaded is the 1. Aids Glossary, its very helpful, it will give you all the medical terms and their meaning. Because it is important that you know all the term that doctor has said to you. All terms about aids were could found in that Apps.

2. Everyday Health, this is also very helpful, it defines all the classes of infectious diseases plus the treatment. It has also everyday advices about everyday health, and medications in particular ill.

3. Food and Nutrition, in this apps, i can be able to know if what food and what vitamins is suited for my health condition. It also indicates what food is the best source of different kinds of vitamins.

4. Health Tips, from the title it self it gives health tips on how to live a healthy life. On what to avoid and what to practice. The Do's and Dont's in terms of taking care of your self.

5. Living Healthy, in this apps it teaches you the right and proper exercise on a certain condition. Plus ut gives you Fact, and based on research details on particular exercise routine. And it gives you advice on what to eat that compliments to the exercise routine that you choose of.

6. VitmaninPlus, this apps is all about vitamins and minerals. It gives you an idea of what vitamins are you needing of in a certain health condition and where can be found that vitamins or minerals. It also gives you knowledge if what illness that you can get in lack of a certain vitamins. And what nutrients or how a certain vitamins could help you.

7. Health Info, its all about health information. All kinds of health condition from head to toe. And all kinds of illnesses. It gives you the definition, idea on how did you get plus the treatment. Its a very helpful apps. Its just like a doctor that everything you ask for, it can provide.

8. Cures A-Z, form its title, it gives you knowledge on how to treat several kinds of illness from A-Z, this not only refers to the over-the-counter medicine but also Therapies and remedies at home. It also gives you an idea of the cause and root of a certain illness.

Actually theres a lot more apps available in the apps store that can help you. I deleted some apps that i already installed because my phone is getting full. But all apps can help you in knowing all thing about your health condition and on how to fight for it.

"Some people make cutting remarks, but the words of the wise bring healing."

                                                                                                                        --Proverbs 12:18

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